IDWR finds 74,100 acre-foot shortfall in April 2024 Methodology Order; Junior groundwater users could face potential curtailment

Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition Members:

Please see the attached Press Release from the Idaho Department of Water Resources.  Here are the key points:

  • IDWR has found that the Twin Falls Canal will face a shortfall of 74,100 acre-feet of water in 2024.
  • This methodology order is court approved and shows the impacts of groundwater pumpers on senior water right holders.  It is based on current water supply conditions.
  • All Groundwater users junior to March 31, 1954 must have an approved mitigation plan or they will be subject to curtailment.
  • The other six entities in the Surface Water Coalition do not face a shortfall.
  • There is a lot of litigation currently regarding mitigation plans.  IDWR Director Weaver said, “I recommend ground water users ensure their ground water districts are in strict compliance with all necessary components of their mitigation plans as determined by IDWR to avoid widespread curtailment.”
  • The Director will review the order in July.