EIWRC Leadership

EIWRC Executive Committee

Roger Warner, President

Dave Richards, Vice President

Stan Clark, Past President

Scott Bruce

Mayor Rebecca Casper

Don Dixon

Craig Evans

Courtney Liddiard

Richard Mangnum

Representative Dean Mortimer

Jeff Reybould

Randy Skidmore

Dale Swenson

Christian Taylor

Sheri Smith, Administrator

EIWRC Board of Directors

Mayor Brad Anderson

Senator Steve Bair

Bart Brown

Scott Bruce

Rebecca Casper

Stan Clark

Husk Crowther

Don Dixon

Byron Evans

Craig Evans

Marvin Fielding

Lee Gagner

Representative Marc Gibbs

Senator Brent Hill

Ralph Isom

Alan Kelsch

Darren Lewis

Courtney Liddiard

Richard Mangum

Representative Janice McGeachin

Gerald Messerli

John Millar

Representative Dean Mortimer

Nathan Olsen

Jeff Reybould

Larry Reinhart

Dave Richards

Jerry Rigby

Randy Skidmore

Sheri Smith

Trent Summers

Dale Swenson

Christian Taylor

Louis Thiel

Bryan Wada

Harvey Walker

Roger Warner

Garth Winter

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Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition
c/o Keith Esplin
593 East 5th South
Rexburg, Idaho 83440

Financial Disclosure

The Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition was formed and registered in 2007 in the State of Idaho as non-profit, tax-exempt corporation. A similar designation under Section 501©(3) of the IRS code is pending. A letter verifying the tax-exempt status of the EIWRC can be obtained by contacting us at: Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition, c/o Keith Esplin, 593 East 5th South, Rexburg, ID 83440. Financial summary information for the Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition is contained in its annual report.