Bear Lake Legislation

East Idaho Legislators:

One of the members of the Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition, Bear Lake Watch, is working with Senator Mark Harris and Representatives Josh Wheeler, and Kevin Andrus on a bill to add the Bear Lake to the list of protected lakes in Idaho.  While helping to protect Bear Lake, the legislation preserves all of the current uses of the lake, including irrigation storage, flood protection, recreation, and incidental power production.  The legislation also supports enhancement of the use of the lake for water storage.

Those who attended the Legislative Water College Tour to the Bear River and Bear Lake last summer learned about the unique properties of this beautiful lake.  We also learned about its history and saw first-hand the complexity of how the lake is filled and utilized.  We hope you will carefully consider this legislation.  If you have any questions, please contact David and Claudia Cottle of Bear Lake watch or one of the sponsoring legislators.

Senator Mark Harris

(208) 332-1341

Representative Kevin Andrus

(208) 332-1000

Representative Josh Wheeler

(208) 332-1000

Best Regards,

Keith Esplin

Executive Director

Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition