2022 Report To Members

Eastern Idaho Water Right Coalition (EIWRC) Members:
Report on 2022 Activities

The Coalition has had a very busy year with a lot going on in the “water world.”  Here are some highlights of 2022. We…

  • Welcomed new members Bear Lake Watch, Keller Associates.
  • Prepared a comprehensive 2022 Legislative Water College Tour to educate our Eastern Idaho legislators on water issues. Over 60 people, including numerous legislators rode to the Bear River and Bear Lake areas to learn about those beautiful areas with very unique water issues.   This co-sponsored program was conducted as part of four tours across the state hosted by the Idaho Water Users Association.  Special thanks to the Cottles of Bear Lake Watch and Representative Gibbs for their extensive efforts.
  • Participated in Idaho Water User Association’s legislative, annual, and water law meetings.
  • Attended and participated on the IDWR Aquifer Modeling Committee meeting where impacts of an updated version on Eastern Idaho water users are being carefully monitored and analyzed.  
  • Attended the annual meeting of the Family Farm Alliance, once again in person, and reported on their activities dealing with important regional and national water issues.
  • Prepared informational emails for our legislators regarding the Surface Water Coalition (SWC) and Idaho Groundwater Appropriators (IGWA) settlement agreement and on-going negotiations.
  • Held regular board meetings, to discuss water issues and make sure Eastern Idaho interests are being adequately represented.
  • Organized a special water forum titled “Drought Resilience: Beneficial Use and Conservation” with a high-profile panel of water experts.

Your Board members have been very active representing you this year.  We appreciate all of your support, which is vital to maintaining the position we have established of representing Eastern Idaho Water Right needs.  We thank you for your support and ask that you continue to be actively involved with the Coalition and let us know your needs and concerns.

Best Regards,

Keith Esplin         

Executive Director

Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition


Roger Warner