2020 Report To Members

Eastern Idaho Water Right Coalition (EIWRC) Members:
Report on 2020 Activities

Your Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition, like all of you, has adapted to the unique circumstances of 2020.  While having fewer in-person meetings we have been able to continue to represent the water right interests of Eastern Idaho.  Because of your continued financial support through membership the Coalition:

  • Prepared a comprehensive 2020 Legislative Water College to educate our Eastern Idaho legislators on water issues.  Due to COVID restrictions much of the program is delayed until we can meet in person later in 2021.  A Zoom meeting of current issues will be presented to legislators and members on December 16.
  • Participated in Idaho Water User Association legislative, annual, and water law meetings.
  • Funded professional representation on the IDWR Aquifer Modeling Committee.  Several modeling committee meetings were held this year, most on Zoom, as the committee prepared to release the latest revision of the aquifer model.  Potential impacts on Eastern Idaho water users were carefully analyzed.  
  • Attended the annual meeting of the Family Farm Alliance and reported on their activities dealing with important regional and national water issues.
  • Held regular board meetings, often on Zoom, to discuss water issues and make sure Eastern Idaho interests are being adequately addressed.
  • Monitored and updated members on critical water issues, including advancements in plans for a comprehensive Groundwater Management Area for the whole ESPA.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in these efforts. Your participation is key to maintaining the position we have established of representing Eastern Idaho on water issues and securing this vital resource for our future.

Best Regards,

Keith Esplin 

Executive Director  

Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition


Roger Warner