2019 Report To Members

Eastern Idaho Water Right Coalition (EIWRC) Members:
Report on 2019 Activities

Your Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition completed a busy year with significant activities to support and build on your water right interests.

  • Held a membership strategic planning retreat to review past Coalition activities and plan for the future including a SWOT analysis and discussion.  Minutes of the retreat will be sent later.
  • Updated the Coalition bylaws to bring them in line with the current operation of the Coalition.
  • Participated in Idaho Water User Association legislative, annual, and water law meetings.
  • Attended and participated on the IDWR Aquifer Modeling Committee meeting.
  • Presented at the Eastern Idaho Legislative Forum on important current water issues, focusing this year on the Groundwater Management Area for all of the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer.
  • Participated in meetings of the Association of Idaho Cities regarding water.
  • Attended the annual meeting of the Family Farm Alliance and reported on their activities dealing with important regional and national water issues.
  • Monitored and updated members on critical water issues.

The Coalition was strengthened this year by the addition of several new cities as members.  We appreciate all of your support, which is vital to maintaining the position we have established of representing Eastern Idaho Water Right needs.  We thank you for your support and ask that you continue to be actively involved with the Coalition and let us know your needs.

Best Regards,

Keith Esplin

Executive Director

Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition


Roger Warner